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The Gathering of the Fellowship Convention, Toronto
Upcoming Events
July 1, 2006 (Saturday)

Downtown Toronto, Canada
Saturday, July 1st — Tuesday, July 4th 2006
Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel

For fans of J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis:
Books, Art, Costuming, Arms and Armour,
Gaming, Stage and Film Interpretation

Gathering of the Ring website

- A full range of varied programming for all Tolkien fans, in eight (8) seperate tracks
- A true Tolkien academic conference, programmed by Anthony S. Burdge and Jessica Burke of Heren Istarion, the North East Tolkien Society
- A vendor/dealer room open to the public
- An art show
- A charity auction

Confirmed guests:

Craig Parker
Actor ("Haldir") in
The Lord of the Rings movies

Bruce Hopkins
Actor ("Gamling") in
The Lord of the Rings movies

Kiran Shah
Stuntman, Body double, Actor in
The Lord of the Rings and Narnia movies

Ted Nasmith
World-renowned Tolkien artist

John Howe
World-renowned Tolkien artist

Cliff Broadway
Actor, Writer, Producer

Jef Murray
Tolkien artist

Arden Smith
Tolkien languages scholar

Michelle LeBlanc
Languages studies

Michael Drout
Medieval studies, Tolkien scholar

Verlyn Flieger
Modern fantasy, Tolkien scholar

Mike Foster
Tolkien Society scholar

Marcel Bülles
German Tolkien Society scholar

Matt Blessing
Tolkien archivist

Amy H. Sturgis
Fantasy/SciFi studies, Writer

Colin Duriez
C.S. Lewis scholar

M. Colin Havard
Son of original Inkling
John Bowen
English scholar, Christian studies

Alana Vincent Howard
Tolkien and Catholic studies

Marie Miesel
Tolkien studies

Michael Coren
Broadcaster, Columnist, Writer

Alison Baird
Author SciFi/Fantasy

Carlene Cordova
Director, Producer, Writer

Gretchen Jordan-Bastow
TV & Documentary filmmaker
Kate Robinson
Fan filmmaker

Greg Tozer & Tim Tozer
Special effects technicians

Kristine Larsen
Physics/Astronomy scholar

Jon Daniels
Chain mail artisan

Andrew Young
Armour metalsmith

James Arlen Gillespie
Armour metalsmith
Scott Maple & Brenda Maple
Professional costumer and props maker

Kate Dallin

Judy Mitchell
Amateur Costumer

Giuseppe Festa & Lingalad
Tolkien-inspired musicians

Award-winning musician

Barb Boedges
Tolkien fan

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