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Re: Tolkien Postcard books

Subject: Re: Tolkien Postcard books
by Urulöké on 2009/8/2 10:59:52

Thanks guys,

I started the Guide section for these since it has come up -

Postcards and Cards Guide page

I haven't had time to dig out my own postcard books to add additional information, so if any of you are so inclined to help fill things out that would be great!

I also combined the postcard books with the greeting cards section, so I started to fill out the GA&U card sets from the 70s that are so cool - not sure if you would consider those sets the same as your postcard books, but I like them nonetheless!

Also, I noted that the 2003 Hildebrandt postcard calendar is still available from their gallery store:


You can get it signed by Greg still if you request that.

Good topic guys!
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