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Re: UK Tolkien Diaries

Subject: Re: UK Tolkien Diaries
by Deagol on 2006/9/4 10:49:22

The 1992 and 1993 diaries have artwork by JRRT and are vitually identical.

The 1993 lacks any days so can be used for any year.

The 1994 diary is by Alan Lee.

The 1995 diary is by John Howe but with different pictures to the calendar.

The 1997 diary is just a re-packaging of the 1993 dayless diary with a different cover.

The 1999 diary is by Alan Lee. From here on HarperCollins started using the same artwork for both diary and calendar.

If you do decide to do a site if might be worthwhile to add in the address books and birthday books that HC have issued.
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