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Eldalie Calendar

Subject: Eldalie Calendar
by Parmastahir on 2006/10/4 19:48:37

Hi Soronel -

When I first found out about the 2006 Eldalie calendar, I communicated with Firiel Tindomerel (Simone) at Eldalie. She assured me that she had reserved a copy for me and would send one. But I was never able to get her to send despite repeated requests, offers of payment, etc. Eventually, I was able to obtain a copy of the 2006 S.T.I. calendar, assumed that it was the same one that Firiel had offered, and let the matter drop. Now that I see some of the illustrations from the Eldalie calendar, I know that this is indeed a separate issue from the S.T.I. Is there any chance that you can help me to obtain one of the 2006 Eldalie calendars even though it is now October? Do you have any contacts that are members of Eldalie that could help me? I wrote back to Firiel this evening to open the matter back up. But if she could not send it back in January, what chance is there that she would be able to do so now? Thanks for your post - even though it the news it brings (of a missed opportunity) is disappointing to me. Your support is much appreciated.

Away from The Green Hill Country,

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