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Re: 1979 Tolkien Enterprises Chess Set

Subject: Re: 1979 Tolkien Enterprises Chess Set
by ~*~Poeci Princess~*~ on 2012/12/30 20:18:11

^__^ Hi, I have the exact same set as you, and was wondering if you ever found out the value? Mine's been in my family for so long we don't even know how it came to be!!! Not that I want to part with it quite yet unless there's a proper offer one set A LOT like this one also made in 1979 is going for 2,000+ USD!!!eBay so I am hoping that this one is worth the same if not more!!! Here is a pic of mine!!!
Tolkein 1979 Chess Set
^ Click To Enlarge!!!^
A piece is not shown in the picture but it is not lost!!! I believe it's a castle! ^__^

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