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Re: Britains LOTR figures info needed

Subject: Re: Britains LOTR figures info needed
by Urulöké on 2007/4/27 15:02:58

Oh, and the Tolkien Society has the following listed as currently available:

"W. Britain's Hand Painted Cast Metal Collectable Figures - Accurate depictions of the film characters, ready made, hand painted, approx. 54mm. SOME no longer made, last few. 25% off!! (Prices listed include discount.)

FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING RANGE: Aragorn, Bilbo, Boromir, Galadriel, Gandalf, Legolas, Gimli, Saruman, Orc overseer. Each. £15.50

FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING RANGE: The Hobbits (3); The Orcs (3); (NO longer made, running out fast.) Each. £38.75

FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING RANGE: Gandalf and the Balrog diorama. (Last few.) £119.50"

They usually charge retail, and shipping is included in the rate, so these are not quite accurate reflections of the original retail prices.
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