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More Tolkien on Antiques Roadshow

Subject: More Tolkien on Antiques Roadshow
by Parmastahir on 2009/5/19 20:09:04

Local PBS station broadcast a British edition of the Antiques Roadshow. A yound man brought in two JRRT letters that he found in a book among many that were in a lot that he (or his family, forgive me, I don't recall the entire story he gave) obtained. In any case, one was a typewritten letter with his signature. The other was a wonderful, handwritten response to an enquiry about the outcome of the tale. In it (reading as quickly as I could), the Professor noted that Frodo was ultimately doomed to fail in his quest to destroy the ring. It had some condition problems. But the appraiser nonetheless thought it worth at least 2000 pounds. I suspect, given the date (1954?) and the subject, it could be worth more. Has anyone else seen it?

Away from The Green Hill Country,

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