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Re: Blogpost - The Tolkien Industry by Jack Ross

Subject: Re: Blogpost - The Tolkien Industry by Jack Ross
by Jlong on 2009/6/22 8:51:52

I wholly agree with Jason. In fact, my response to another book of Tolkien criticism showing up on Amazon is the complete opposite of Ross. I guess the only time I despair is when the book seems to me overpriced--which has happened more than once.

Ross does have some valid points in his article, though I do think he is a bit unfair in his evaluation of Rateliff's History of The Hobbit. Personally, I don't see how being overly detailed and overly long are valid criticisms. In fact, I tend to fall on the opposite side when it comes to criticism--I find books lacking that are not detailed enough or are too short. Also, many of these "criticisms" could also be made of LOTR, couldn't they?

"The History of the Hobbit is fun to read, mind you. I enjoyed it greatly. But it’s not as much fun as it should be. Because it’s 900 pages long. Because it’s immensely repetitive and overly detailed on points of no consequence. Because its author, John D. Rateliff, has no sense of proportion. Because its publishers know that anything with Tolkien’s name on the spine will sell in gazillions (take the recent reprint of parts of Unfinished tales under the stand-alone title of The Tale of the Children of Húrin, for instance). Rateliff, alas, is no Christopher Tolkien."
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