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Re: Festival in the Shire (August 2010)

Subject: Re: Festival in the Shire (August 2010)
by Mfaith on 2009/11/4 18:49:41


I'm Mark Faith, the organiser of Festival in the Shire: A celebration of all things Tolkien inspired. I'd be happy to answer any questions or concerns.

The conference ticket cost £150 if purchased before January 1st, £200 after. This is quite a normal price for a high quality academic conference in the UK, maybe a bit cheape actually!

The collectors expo is £40 or £60 for a one days entrance or £100 for a three day pass. It will have many of the same speakers, authors and artist and its own discussion sessions. In comparison to similar past events, appropriately priced. The private collection has more than 5000 pieces of which 200 are original works of art (no not Tolkien) and 500+ prints. However, we can't show everything so will select a choice selection of interest to all collectors/fans including many you won't see at another public event. Some people will want to spend a short time, others to come and go over the three days. Authors will be releasing new books signing and you'll have the chance to meet them.

Finally, the £10-£40 (for a pass) general admission will have film, music , food and fun including used book and memoribilia stalls. We are expecting numerous special guest for autographs. Watch this space on who is coming!

The 3 day VIP pass for £235 which lets you into everything is like going to three events at one time and we feel a bargain in that respect. Yes, travel will be expensive but its is a unique event never held before.

Travelers always translate prices to their own currency not realising the same unit of currency usually has the same relative purchasing value in the respective country. £235 pounds is the same as $235 dollars in the UK scheme of things. UK isn't expensive, US is just a cheaper. Sorry we couldn't hold the first event in the US, maybe the following year!

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