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Re: Hobbit Tea contest

Subject: Re: Hobbit Tea contest
by loonka on 2010/3/27 8:46:14

As a keen lover of Tolkien and Tea this was a competition for me. I acknowledge that my story is terribly uninteresting, especially compared to the stories already posted, which were all pleasant reads. I agree with the general consensus that Mr Burns story has so far been the outstanding one, but they are all good tales.

I was first introduced to Tolkien when I was in year Four and our teacher read us The Hobbit. He had different voices for most characters and made the chapter Riddles in the Dark a particularly memorable experience, with his Gollum voice and encouragement of us to get the riddles. My Nine year old mind was blown away and my imagination was given a good workout. My passion for Tolkien was started and over the next year I read The Lord of the Rings, and by doing so got my year Five teacher into it.

A couple of years later I picked up The Silmarillion. I was a tad apprehensive about this book as I was advised by people that it was a bit of a tough read. I started it and couldn’t put it down, finishing it in a few nights; not understanding all of it but thoroughly enthralled.

I do not pretend to be an expert on Arda, and still have lots to read by and about Tolkien. I am in no rush to do this however as I have a whole life to do so (having just turned Nineteen) and want to appreciate Tolkien’s work over many years.

I am working towards a decent Tolkien library. The only special/rare/collectible books I have so far are the modern special/deluxe editions. Possibly my favourite Tolkien books I own are three paperbacks of the LOTR ‘trilogy’, which I purchased at the age of nine. I took them everywhere so they are a little well used; creased and slight foxing. The feature I like about them is that they are the paperbacks with the Geoff Taylor cover artwork, which I find almost as captivating as the story itself.* Also the fact that they were my first Tolkien books.

I love Ralph Bakshi's animated Lord of the Rings, but am not a huge fan of Peter Jackson’s versions. My favourite Tolkien Tale is The children of Hurin. This contains the best chapter ever written, The Words of Hurin and Morgoth. I love the power in this chapter. My favourite passage being Morgoth’s curse, Hurin's defience, and Hurin being placed on the “chair of stone upon a high place of Thangorodrim……”.

Well, that’s my story and thanks for reading.


*I am hunting another set of these paperbacks, in mint condition. I also once saw a set that were hardcover’s, in a foreign language I would be interested in having. If anyone can help me with these it would be much appreciated.