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Re: Hobbit Tea contest

Subject: Re: Hobbit Tea contest
by laurel on 2010/3/13 0:28:24

Hello all.
I have been a fan of Tolkien as long as I can remember. Like many my first book was The Hobbit. I couldnt put it down. I read and reread one summer until book started falling apart. Then came Dungeons and Dragons -wow. Myself and a group of friends were in a world of our own, sure beat drugs!

Favourite part of a book has to be Riddles in Dark -Chapter 5 The Hobbit. I know its boring but I still love it to this day. Other favourities are Tolkiens piece in Essays to Charles Williams and review Devils coach Horses. Great reading.

My book collected days started 20+ yrs ago with a Smith of Wooton Major. Paid £5 (not worth much more now!) but I had my first first edition. I was well chuffed and I still have it.

I find collecting is three part -
Firstly the chase! Finding that book at fantastic price before anyoneelse does!
Secondly - I am getting very picky as got older swooping a book for a better copy. Regulars will get this point i'm sure. I'm on my third Farmer Giels of Ham and still not happy!
Thirdly - Staring at them on shelf. I admire my books. Sad I know and I have not got the biggest collection in world.

Finally best find. Tricky this bit but best financially -almost mint Peoples of Middle Earth for £30 last year. Most satisfaction Sir Gawain & Green Knight with d/j at modest sum!

Look forward to reading everyone elses
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