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Re: Hobbit Tea contest

Subject: Re: Hobbit Tea contest
by Parmastahir on 2010/3/17 15:23:22

As soon as I read Urulókë's comment, "Plus the boxes are very well illustrated, so they look great on the shelf for the collector as well," I had to post in this thread. I would share the tea with friends (am now hoping that I do get drawn) and keep the boxes! Just need to figure out where so I could hide them from my wife. Am certain that all of my other Tolkien items in total wouldn't occupy one-tenth the space that some of our friends' collections do. But that doesn't make her any less suspicious when I come home with a cardboard box!

Love LotR which eventually led to my obsession with the calendars (as anyone who has read any of the Tolkien Calendar Collecting thread will know.) Am on the track of some "new" ones (recently discovered anyway.) And just collected a 1986 Methuen with the original paper mailer (in good collectible condition) which I have been looking for "forever."

It's a wonderful Spring day here in The Green Hill Country (even if the calendar says it's still winter until 22 March.) Nevertheless, it was all blue skies and well over 50 degrees F today.

Good luck to all! Thanks to Urulókë (would like to know the etymology of that name!) for starting the thread. I will follow with interest.

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