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Re: Hobbit Tea contest

Subject: Re: Hobbit Tea contest
by Parmastahir on 2010/4/13 17:42:19

Contrary to an earlier post, I have replied to Urulókë's email (I still need some tutoring on the derivation of the new name!) and will accept the tea. As I noted to him, I don't remember the last time I won anything (except for $2 on a scratch off lottery ticket.) However, I have enough unopened calendars to satisfy that obsession. (OK, I'll never have enough but that's my problem!) So I will open the boxes of tea and share them with my coworkers (who are a great bunch of people), talk about this gift, capture their comments, and report back when I have done so. If I can find where to hide the boxes, I will stash them away though. I guess we all share that compulsion or we would not be posting here!

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