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Re: Antiques Roadshow from Hopetown in Scotland

Subject: Re: Antiques Roadshow from Hopetown in Scotland
by Trotter on 2010/3/28 0:09:32

For people who have not read it, the interview with Barbara hosted on the Tolkien Collector's guide is very interesting.

http://www.tolkienguide.com/modules/w ... x.php?page=Brem+Interview

She was put back in the same place she had been with The Hobbit, having the pressure to draw blind without seeing either book, “There wasn’t any time. They wanted them right away, and I had to draw all the covers at once.”

The Hobbit Tree in the picture is similar to Barbara's picture, you can't see in the picture from the programme above but it also has orange bulbs.

If you would like to see a lot more 'faux' Tolkien items then look at this appropriately named thread on the Lord of the Rings plaza, as they all seem to appear there.

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