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Re: My bookshelves

Subject: Re: My bookshelves
by Jlong on 2010/8/22 15:09:34

I was just trying to find out about all The Silmarillion copies and this has turned in to quite an interesting thread. Thanks everyone for the comments.

Looking over my bookcases, I guess I'm pretty much the same as the rest of you with my duplicate and multiple copies of various books (though I only own a few copies of The Silmarillion).

I do have 4 sets of the Tolkien Companion and Guide, which is rather peculiar. Don't get me wrong; the 2 volume set is indispensable, but do I really need 4 sets? I think I had planned to sell some of these on eBay at some point but never got around to it. I guess that is the case with a number of extra copies I have lying about.
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