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Re: My bookshelves

Subject: Re: My bookshelves
by Khamûl on 2010/8/23 11:25:41

I'm no Wayne or Christina, & don't claim to be; but my own collecting of The Silmarillion is almost exclusively bibliographical. I'm very interested in its printing, publication, and dissemination 'story' (although I almost exclusively derive this information, with all its pitfalls, from the books themselves; unlike W&C who have examined archives etc); as a result I've bought many, many copies of the 1977 edition.

Although I have one or two 'upgrades' (two I think), none of the rest are 'the same'. Some are bibliographical variants; some are the same (bibliographically), but have some contemporary marginalia, or are signed copies. So, as others have pointed out, a standard Billing UK 1rst isn't really the same as a standard Billing UK 1st signed by CT; I think everyone would view these as two distinct collectable copies.

Numbers? As I've probably mentioned many times on this forum, I don't even have all the nice 'special' editions any 'Silmarillion Collector' would want: Dummy copies, Methuen, 1982 Super Deluxe, 1998 Super Deluxe, Folio Deluxe etc --I have none of these. But, & this includes two or three foreign editions, a few US editions, and probably a few dozen pb's --I have about 90+. And, yes, they do take up quite a bit of room.

I should probably post some pictures, but it's an embarrassing amount...