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Re: Festival in the Shire Interview

Subject: Re: Festival in the Shire Interview
by Khamûl on 2010/6/22 15:04:28

I agree the whole Wales line is simply Mark with his business hat on, rather than his collector hat; the kind of antics I would have thought he would have objected to, judging by some of his other comments. That said, some of what Mark says is true enough. Unfortunately for him though, as a book seller, he becomes part of the very problem he criticizes. Upon close examination, many of the books he sells are neither rare nor scarce; & are are not, in my opinion, 'worth' what he is charging for them.

I also dislike all this 'true' collector rubbish. In the field of Tolkien collecting, bargains are few and far between; & the ony hope most collectors have of acquiring anything like a rarity are on sites like eBay --where many sellers are unaware of what they are selling. Otherwise everything is expensive & overpriced. You can be as knowledgeable as you like, you ain't going to get anything 'rare' without hard cold cash.

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