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Festival in the Shire Interview

Subject: Festival in the Shire Interview
by Trotter on 2010/6/20 0:22:26

Beren has published a long interview with Mark Faith on his site about the Festival in the Shire

http://www.tolkienlibrary.com/press/9 ... Festival_in_the_Shire.php

It has a quote from Mark that seems relevant to Wellinghall's thread on the number of books in your collection.

http://www.tolkienguide.com/modules/n ... =ASC&type=&mode=0&start=0

Often they are more concerned with the count of what they are collecting a neurotic sort of way than with what they are collecting and why? To me, these people aren’t true collectors, but have some compulsion.

I'm interested in what people think of some of Mark's other points in the article, such as his views on rarity, collectors and

Why did you decide to do this Tolkien festival in Wales?

Wales is where it all started. Tolkien’s very first inspiration was Welsh language and culture.

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