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Re: Festival in the Shire Interview

Subject: Re: Festival in the Shire Interview
by garm on 2010/6/20 5:32:22

Seems to me he's on the defensive about the money he's charging; while at the same time going on the attack against collectors who he perceives as not seeing things his way. Thus bracing everyone concerned in case the event folds perhaps?

Onto another issue:

Q. - "Why did you decide to do this Tolkien festival in Wales?

A. - "Wales is where it all started."

Rot! (as North Polar Bear might say). The reason why Mr Faith wants to hold his event in Wales is because that's where he happens to live! (he also owns a few acres with 'bunkhouses' for tourists).

If Mr Faith had settled in Scotland, then doubtless the area he lived in would then become 'the heart of Tolkien Country' (as he named Macynlleth, the event's original venue).
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