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Re: Recent Tolkien events

Subject: Re: Recent Tolkien events
by garm on 2010/8/21 10:30:09

Thanks for those links, Wayne. Just read through them, and watched the youtube videos. Blimey... it looks pretty desperate. So much space in the venues, and so few attendees.

I see the question of publicity was raised (by the organisers) and prob. the weather did have an effect on the passing trade (though how much interest the general public may have in a Tolkien event is a moot point), but I guess the reason for what looks to be such a poor turn-out would have to be the ticket price(s). This is something they'll have to look at, if there's to be a follow-up next year.

I admit I have a bone to pick here - I'd have really liked to have gone to this event, and met up with Shippey and Flieger once more (and to have had the opportunity to meet Fimi, and Rodney Matthews!) But I reckon the cost of the main tickets - 260.00 each - plus accomodation would come to 800.00 (and that's for four nights in a B&B, not hotel prices). Then add fuel and food, and you're over the thousand pound mark. Just unsustainable, for a few days in Wales, no matter how good the speakers.

BTW - some time ago I asked what it is that made Macynlleth 'the heart of Tolkien country' and as yet haven't had an answer. Purely in a spirit of fun, I'd like to know; is this part of Wales now the heart of Tolkien country? and if so, how? And why?

ps - Beren - I've just checked and yes, you were down to give a talk on Tolkien signatures on the Sunday, between 11am and 2pm. rather a long stint. As for the collection of which we speak - well, I said it was only dealers' talk. If I'm wrong, I apologise; but we'll see.
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