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Re: Recent Tolkien events

Subject: Re: Recent Tolkien events
by garm on 2010/8/23 5:43:11

Thanks again, Trotter *I was looking in entirely the wrong place - don't ask!*

Good to hear Shippey again - even while scraping away at an ice-cream pot, he's always good value. It's interesting to hear his views about the value of events such as these; and that whether he'll attend another of this type 'depends on where it's held' or words to that effect. Personally, I think anyone organising such an event would be better off looking into venues in Oxford or, if that's too expensive, around the 'real' Shire - ie Birmingham! Wales - West Wales, at that - has little or no connection with the Shire, and is also a bit remote for most folk in the UK. Handy if that's where one happens to live mind you; but that doesn't strike me as being a good reason for holding an event there.
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