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eBay [Very low book prices]

Subject: eBay [Very low book prices]
by Trotter on 2010/8/30 4:36:15

I have just bought a copy of "A Look Behind The Lord Of The Rings" by Lin Carter for £0.50 on eBay and £2 postage and packing. From my point of view that is very cheap but from the seller's point of view, this is really bad. I paid via Paypal using my credit card, so they were hit three times for charges, twice from Paypal (second time for Credit Card payment) and one from eBay for selling the item.

Additionally the book may cost more than £2 to send in postage and packing, my understanding is that you are not allowed to charge more than that for a book no matter the weight.

I personally do not sell any of my surplus books via eBay, I give them to charity shops instead, but I do feel sorry for this seller who is bound to be out of pocket.

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