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Re: Lucky finds

Subject: Re: Lucky finds
by Trotter on 2012/12/16 5:19:55

I am intrigued by why he has not accepted this ebay offer

Q: Hi Steve. Thank you for letting me view your collection yesterday. I have spoken with my friend at Sothebys and I was wondering whether you would consider ending the auction early with an offer of £50,000 for the fireplace? I have limited funds at the moment but I would be willing to make offers on the other items at a later date. Regards, Bruce.
A: Hi Bruce. Thank you for your amazing offer! I would like a little time to think about your offer as I was hoping to keep the whole collection together. Interset in the collection has gone crazy. Will get back to you very soon. Regards Stephen

Does Bruce actually exist and would Sothebys sell these items at these inflated prices(with no provenance that these items have anything to do with Tolkien)?
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