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Re: Lucky finds

Subject: Re: Lucky finds
by Khamûl on 2012/12/16 13:54:41

Beren, I might be wrong here --but my guess is that most book collectors (& there is much to criticise in collecting books) find it a step too far (if that's the right expression) to start coveting items that Tolkien once owned, particularly those which have very little to do with what we all admire him for; namely his writing. Personally, I can see the appeal of a item with clear association e.g. a desk --but not a fireplace.

That accounts for some of the hostility &/or criticism --the rest, I guess, is just anger at the "market" aspect of collecting (even though individual collectors can also benefit from this market) i.e. the shameless promotion of items, to the point of skewing the facts (& sometimes inventing them) for personal financial gain. Probably not the case here (as you point out), but you don't need to look far to see examples of this. It also accounts for some of the hostility towards Jackson films.

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