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Re: Lucky finds

Subject: Re: Lucky finds
by laurel on 2012/12/16 14:45:23

I am sure most of us starting out collecting books but I bet we all have some other collectible item- whether it be a letter, artwork or maybe even Tolkiens typewriter

Personally I have no problem with that and if you have a desire to own Tolkiens old fireplace then so be it. I havent got a problem with the seller 'having a go' at selling at what most would deem a ridiculous price and in the current market good luck to him if someone is daft enough to pay that sort of amount.

What I do question is the way which it is done. Looking at it from the sidewalk he is selling something worth (alledgedly) £50k plus. He then posts details of an offer in open view even quoting a name albeit a forename only! I agree with Khamul why would he do this? It isnt good business practice in anyones book.

Add to this he then posts on this site an item he is in fact selling! This isnt just a Lucky find it is in fact advertising for him isnt it?

Then once done he doesnt answer the responses ? In this I am not doubting the items came from where they are alledged to do so - but wouldnt you want to respond and answer your critics? Maybe we need to give him time but i have a feeling no reply will be received.
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