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Re: lucky finds

Subject: Re: lucky finds
by Gawain on 2010/9/9 13:34:24

It was just sheer blind luck about 2 years ago. I happened to be loooking on ebay just as someone listed it as a buy-it-now for £75. I spent at least 10 minutes double checking the listing to make sure it was what I thought it was before buying it.

I joined Folio Society a few months later and discovered they still had a few of the limited numbered Silmarillion left for £100 (now sold out) so I bought one but am still looking for a Hobbit to complete the set. They won't be a matching set of numbers but that doesn't bother me.

As for selling it, I think (paradoxically) if i had paid £200+ for it I might consider selling but, as it is one of my best lucky finds, it has a certain sentimental value as well so will be staying on my bookshelf.