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Re: Lucky finds

Subject: Re: Lucky finds
by Khamûl on 2011/3/23 8:08:49

God damn it laurel! It was you who got it. Damn it!, again.

This seller had the set up on Friday or Saturday, open bidding, starting price £50. I put in £150, just to get it started, but was surprised to find the auction had been ended early late on Saturday night. At the time there was no link to the relisted item.

But, and if I'd stayed on the computer another few minutes I'd have got it!, the item was mistakenly relisted as a Buy-It-Now for £90. I think Sunday I noticed the link to the relisted item was now there, but when I went to it, surprise surprise, it had been sold for £90! I contacted the seller and they admitted they had no idea how the item relisted, or where the price came from. They were baffled, but evidently not too bothered about the price. Damn.

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