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Re: Library Edition Hobbit - 1938, 4th State

Subject: Re: Library Edition Hobbit - 1938, 4th State
by Elwë on 2010/9/13 10:00:26

Jlong wrote:
You paid $200, correct? I still wouldn't mind owning it, but the library markings for me do depreciate the value and desirability of it.


Yes, Josh, I paid $200. I never saw it listed for $100, but no matter. I agree that the library markings detract, but to me the value was in the uniqueness and novelty of the binding. Mostly, I just wanted to check it out. Not sure yet if I will hold this in my collection or sell, but I would certainly consider any offers. At first, I thought it might have some value for rebinding (particularly for the maps, since they are not pasted down and are in nice shape), but I hate to see it dismantled. It's a nice example of the variety of library bindings out there, of which many I am sure did not stand the test of time.

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