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Re: Tolkien Descriptive Bibliography

Subject: Re: Tolkien Descriptive Bibliography
by Findegil on 2010/11/3 18:46:47

Sorry to take so long replying to your comment, Khamul, it came in just as Christina and I went to Boston for a few days, mainly to spend time with the Houghton Mifflin archive at Harvard - research for both a second edition Bibliography and for our book on Pauline Baynes.

Actually, there was no compression in the first edition. St Paul's published everything I sent them, though with longer lines and tighter leading than I wanted (to compensate for a text much longer than they expected). I think, though, that these days an even greater amount of detail is wanted than was common in author bibliographies in 1993. I don't expect to change the format appreciably, or to do any renumbering except where I now know the entries to be reversed in date order; but I may rethink how to approach the very complicated Section G (Translations), and I'm not sure what to do about Dii (Separately Published Letters and Excerpts) since so much of that kind of material is now 'published' on ephemeral web sites.

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