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Re: Tolkien Descriptive Bibliography

Subject: Re: Tolkien Descriptive Bibliography
by Urulöké on 2010/11/4 23:10:11

Thanks for the update Wayne, and I hope you had a great trip to Boston. I know I cannot wait to see the Pauline Baynes book (and of course an update to the Bibliography).

My own (very hasty) thought on the letters is: if it is published in a book (or catalog or other paper form) then it gets tracked in the bibliography (book). If it is only on the web, then a website that tracks where to find these seems most appropriate. Basically, for ephemeral websites, i feel a website is the best (and most dynamic) way to keep track.

That, or having the Biblography list all known letters would also be quite useful, even if there is no printed form to see the letter other than the letter itself.

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