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Princess Hobbit Artwork

Subject: Princess Hobbit Artwork
by Gawain on 2011/2/6 9:34:29

I bought fairly recently on ebay a piece of the original artwork from which two of the illustrations in the serialisation of the Hobbit in Princess magazine were printed.

One shows Gollum chasing Bilbo (you can see the picture on Deagol's site under his article) and the other shows Bilbo with 4 dwarves.

I was contacted out of the blue by an ebay member, mrpottersbooks, from USA asking if i would sell it on to him as he was trying to buy them for a donation to Marquette University.

I have declined (perhaps selfishly) at least for the moment as I am only just basking in the (limited) glory of having this unique item in my hands.

I have referred him to this forum however as a potential source of other owners as I remember some other examples being sold a few years back on ebay.