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Re: Bibliomania

Subject: Re: Bibliomania
by Trotter on 2011/2/22 12:17:57

One of the book dealers that you see in this film (the first) is Nigel Williams from Cecil Court, in London, off of Charing Cross Road.

I walked past his shop (my favourite shop) yesterday and it is closed down, as appears to be his website, very sad

I was in his bookshop one Saturday and a lady came in with a very small child (infant) and said "Do you have a copy of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Nigel said Yes, We have a copy and this is the price (as it was a first edition), the woman looked terrified and thought this is the wrong shop for her and left very quickly.

I'd like to state good luck to Nigel Williams for the future.

Please update on Dealers in this film who no longer are able to supply us with the items we need i.e. books?
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