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Re: Australia's "Biggest Hobbit Fan" celebrates his growing Tolkien collection

Subject: Re: Australia's "Biggest Hobbit Fan" celebrates his growing Tolkien collection
by garm on 2011/6/24 14:51:08

Yes, I notice this tendency on theoneringnet, too - folk who describe themselves as Tolkien fans, when they mean they're really fans of the movies. As Stu says, horses for courses.

But I'm interested in Kenny's hobbits as shown in the clip above - I too have a Foyles edition; and a 4th imp. I wonder whether his copies have original dust-wrappers, too?

Something which struck me from the article -

"But Kenny ... says his favourite item is not the biggest nor most expensive (that honour is reserved for the one metre square 'Hobbit hole' recently acquired from the UK, sum undisclosed).

Instead, his first edition from the second printing of The Hobbit, which went to press in December 1937 just months after the primary run."

Does this mean that he paid more for a model of Bag End than he did for a Dec. '37 Hobbit? Blimey...
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