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Re: "Meet the superfans"

Subject: Re: "Meet the superfans"
by Stu on 2011/6/25 20:38:49

Shane Richie, Indeed. LOL.

Yup, I did indeed just 'LOL'. I've never needed to do that before, but then I've never seen a car painted with pictures of Shane Richie before - Last time I looked he was doing adverts for washing powder.

I don't think I have what it takes to be a "true fan/collector"; I don't want to fill my house with crap, I definitely don't have a 'Hobbit Name'*, I haven't got a car painted with pictures of C-Grade celebrities and no one I know is even aware that I collect Tolkien books ('cept for my wife who thinks I am an idiot, and not just because of the books).

I need to find a hobby that I am good at. Sigh.


*although perhaps. "Doomus Gloomfoot" would work for me. I might try it.
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