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Re: Tolkien legacy

Subject: Re: Tolkien legacy
by Red on 2011/10/14 11:18:00

After reading Tolkien as a youth I went out looking for something similar and read authors like Eddings, Donaldson, Jordan, Goodkind, Martin, etc. None of them to me could match the quality of Tolkien, and some seemed like they were trying very hard to plagiarize him (Terry Brooks comes to mind). I have to admit that I did enjoy Martin’s series. His work is really only fantasy in that it is set in a fictitious world where there are some elements of the supernatural. To me his work reads more like fictionalized history set in medieval Europe, and his style is reminiscent of someone like James Clavell.
As for recommended reading I would say Gaiman’s “American Gods” is one of the most engaging fantasy type books I’ve read recently.
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