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Tolkien Museum in Switzerland

Subject: Tolkien Museum in Switzerland
by Trotter on 2011/12/25 4:42:54

From Beren

There have been rumors around for some time about a Museum which is being build in Switzerland that is totally dedicated to Tolkien, or better said to Middle-earth the land Tolkien created. There are talks about a real hobbit hole, hundreds of original pieces of Middle-earth art, etc. Well I can tell you, these rumors are true! I was very happy to see an article at The Italian Tolkien Society website about it and I'm so grateful to be able to post an English version of the article here. The museum will open in 2013, just to give us time to pack our bags! It will be called "Greisinger Middle-earth Collection" and is located in Jenins, a little village in the Grisons canton with just 847 inhabitants, on the border with Liechtenstein. The Italian Tolkien Society talked with a curator. Since the beginning I have been in contact with the people behind the Museum so I'll be writing about it and the amazing collection more ofthen during this year!

http://www.tolkienlibrary.com/press/1 ... th_Museum_Switzerland.php
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