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Re: Tolkien Museum in Switzerland

Subject: Re: Tolkien Museum in Switzerland
by garm on 2011/12/26 6:52:34

One thing I don't like is MF's emphasis on the cost of a book - 'The Most Expensive Tolkien Book in the World' - that sort of thing. I get the impression we're all supposed to go 'Ooh!' in admiration. Actually, it gets up my nose - anyone can make up a collection of expensive items, if they've got the money.

My own collection contains items of interest, including some original artworks by Tolkien inspired artists, and some items signed by Tolkien. These were not priced in the thousands; only twice have I paid over three figures for any Tolkien item (and neither of these were signed). I collect within my budget; I've never paid more than the equivalent of a month's salary for any item.

I'm not naive; I know that markets are ruled by what buyers will pay. But in the area of Tolkien collecting, we're seeing what happened some years ago in the classic car market, when speculators drove up the prices beyond what enthusiasts can afford. It's a shame; esp. when (as in some cases) the prices are being driven upwards by folk who don't know as much about the topic as the rest of us!
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