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Re: Tolkien Museum in Switzerland

Subject: Re: Tolkien Museum in Switzerland
by Khamûl on 2011/12/26 15:22:39

I didn't realise you guys were discussing MF's comment on TolkienLibrary & posted a comment there, just after Pieter's. You can remove this too Beren, since I didn't say anything of great value; just a kind of: why are you posting this comment here Mark?

Anyway, the museum sounds nice enough. However like garm I have little interest (a bit harsh; perhaps "less interest") in people "new" to collecting --who spend massive, seem to care little about finding out about Tolkien (or Tolkien bibliography), and who in 10 years are probably going to be collecting (or doing) something else. I just don't feel there is any substance there; a genuine underlying interest being shown. Now, people who have fabulous collections that cost peanuts: that's more interesting. Especially (unlike you garm! --who probably assembled much of yours decades ago! --only kidding...) those who have assembled a collection on a shoestring budget today. That takes time, patience, and not a little skill & knowledge.

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