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Re: Oh dear, my book buying days are over (again)

Subject: Re: Oh dear, my book buying days are over (again)
by Stu on 2012/1/4 23:19:26

FreiWild wrote:

Enjoy the car and have much fun!
And stay safe and sound.

Thanks FreiWild. I'm pretty careful (23 years without a single speeding fine or point on my drivers license), so I'll only be going fast when the car is on the race track. Mostly I'll probably just be polishing it and smiling at the fulfillment of my boyhood dreams! I'm glad that I bought it on Prof Ts 120th birthday, even if he didn't approve of technology (and definitely not a car that looks as much like a Nazgul as this one does).

And as for my book buying days being over, I have told my wife that "Now my book buying days are over" after every single book parcel has been opened. She just rolls her eyes having heard it a hundred times before :)

Maybe I'll just buy one a month for a while!

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