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Re: Unfinished Tales Hardcover from 2000

Subject: Re: Unfinished Tales Hardcover from 2000
by Stu on 2012/1/9 16:57:40

Personally I don't think we will see another copy for some time ago and if we do it will go for more. Time will tell I guess but if any of you guys want to sell your copy for £56 or £106 please let me know.

To be honest, I wouldn't sell my copy even for £300. The only reason that I wouldn't pay "big-ish bucks" for a copy these days is because I already have one and it would be impossible to find a better copy than I already have.

Like I say, I don't really think *any* book prices really make rational sense. One just has to decide how much one wants something and pay or not pay accordingly. No one is forcing any one to hand over any money. Personally I looked for this book for years and would have paid significantly more than I did in order to secure that first copy. I just got lucky, I think.

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