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Re: Unfinished Tales Hardcover from 2000

Subject: Re: Unfinished Tales Hardcover from 2000
by Stu on 2012/1/9 21:54:43

remy wrote:
Well Stu, I think you did get lucky (if I remember correctly - maybe it was a different auction).

I was going to bid around £200 on an auction a couple of years ago for this book (think it was from a Seller - David Somebody in the UK). For various reasons - I forgot about the auction (could not believe I forgot about the end date considering how badly I wanted the book and I think the book was listed in the Collectibles Category rather than Books Category so visibility was low). Anyway was even more devasted when I saw it went for £39 or £40 if I remember correctly.

I think this may be the auction that you won.

Anyway, ended up getting a copy a year later (was included in a set of 10 HoME Books for auction that I won). So all well in the end!!!

Was this the auction you won?

Just checked my Paypal - Was in May 2008, from a David Crombie in the UK. Price was GBP 40.55. I'm *really* glad you forgot to bid on it !! :) :)

Edit: But also glad you got a copy in the end!!

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