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Re: Buying Tolkien

Subject: Re: Buying Tolkien
by Peeta on 2012/4/27 2:09:11

Thanks laurel! i definitely feel the anticipation for the movie drawing a lot of ebay listings. And i know some people don't prefer ebay for adding to their collection, but i guess it's all about the bargains for me..but sometimes you wonder if it actually was a bargain...For example; the FOTR and ROTK i just bought were "correction" both the 1967 "2nd impression of the 2nd ed, and i got them for 14 pounds and 7 pounds respectively, and there was a TT 1966 1st impression of the second edition that i didn't buy and it went for 35 pounds, which was more than i would pay (i was looking at 9 pounds post each), but it left me confused how i could buy a 1967 ROTK for 7 and a 1966 TT would go for five times that all in the same hour. Also the TT i recently bought i paid 150 USD for, which i'm starting to feel thats the most it's worth from checking ABE and other places. But still i see a 7/5/4 box set for 895 pounds. I guess what i'm most curious about is this, is a later impression set of LOTR worth 500 pounds? are the later impression sets i see listed way over priced, or is it because they are a box set? Or is it all just relative to what you are willing to pay? Thanks again!
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