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Re: Buying Tolkien

Subject: Re: Buying Tolkien
by Khamûl on 2012/4/30 4:07:20

People are still paying pretty high prices for any first edition sets in decent condition. For example, all the GA&U boxsets (with various 1960's impressions) that are really smart (i.e. VG or better) are still selling at £200+. Some of the finer sets are going for ~£400. I don't think this is bad.

But your best bet, if your going to go for a 1st/1st set, is to assemble it yourself, I'd say. RK 1st impressions (in various states) seem to be on eBay literally every week. I've recorded dozens selling this year. And they're not going for that much.

I agree with Jlong --I wouldn't personally go anywhere near £100 for anything less than 1955/56 impressions, in decent shape. After the first few years (i.e. 1954/55/56; and the 1st few impressions), you shouldn't need to spend much more than about £75 to get hold of a decent copy. Really fine examples always go for more though. Really depends on how keen you are on acquiring early impressions, & how much money you have...

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