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Re: Buying Tolkien

Subject: Re: Buying Tolkien
by Stu on 2012/5/1 14:00:43

Khamul wrote:
Prices for PoME have been falling quite a bit lately. This year in particular has seen quite a few eBay prices under £200. There is one up right now for £150 (Interesting eBay Auctions).

Ahh, the old domestic (priced) "export" (unpriced) dilemma. The simple fact, despite what the export copies were produced first crowd say --is that unpriced copies (or at least the jackets) were (regardless of any other market) definitely produced with the express intent of distribution to Book Clubs. Therefore, there is no way you can disassociate the unpriced copies from the Book Club taint. One can call them "export" copies if you like; one can claim they were produced first (& claim some sort of chronological superiority) --but you can't say they aren't Book Club copies. Of course, you might not care if they are Book Club copies --but the book market does, normally, seem to care about this.


Agreed. A fine priced PoME shouldn't be more than 200 pounds these days. Unpriced perhaps a little less.
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