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Re: Buying Tolkien

Subject: Re: Buying Tolkien
by Khamûl on 2012/5/2 13:26:04

Once Stu has finished boasting... you know he'll maybe take a picture of them both on top of one of his cars for you!

Peeta, the stickers on BoLT I & BoLT II (& Shaping --but more complicated) are the priced copies; there are no jackets with printed prices --GA&U utilised stickers. Therefore it can be hard to tell copies that were never priced, from ones that have simply had the sticker removed (or removed through wear). Sometimes you'll see people mention sticker residue i.e. it had a sticker, it doesn't now. Although, keep in mind, Guild/BCA (Book Club) had there own marked copies for the early numbers of HoME --so unmarked copies of BoLT probably genuinely were for export i.e. commonwealth copies.

You could, of course, try to assemble as set of both priced & unpriced...

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