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Re: Hobbit might be split into THREE movies now. Sigh

Subject: Re: Hobbit might be split into THREE movies now. Sigh
by Khamûl on 2012/7/16 4:46:56

It's just all a little tiresome. I've kind-of been keeping up-to-date, reluctantly; been following quite a lot of Pieter's posts on Facebook. I definitely will see the films. And, to be honest, I just want to go & see them without having seen that much (footage, stills, trailers, interviews, etc) beforehand. Sort-of free to judge them on merit, without too much "48 frames looks like 1970's BBC" in my head before I even step into the cinema!

That said, three films seems like milking it a little. I suspect most of this stuff will be like all the stuff that appeared on the extended versions of LotRs; the difference being, LR really had to be only three fims (with the extra material on extended versions), H doesn't have to be two. I wonder how far Jackson would be allowed to push it though --what's to stop him (hypothetically) constructing scenes/films from the parts of the appendices that cover the First (admittedly about one paragraph) & Second Ages?

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