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Re: Remove "old book" odor

Subject: Re: Remove "old book" odor
by Khamûl on 2012/8/17 4:11:15

Annoying when you post a new thread and nobody replies, isn't it Morgan?

I'm assuming you're referring to foxing when you refer to "mildew" & "brown stains". You can buy stuff, from book care specialists, to treat foxing, if you can really be bothered e.g. Chloromine-T.

As for the odour, I don't recall anything specifically you can buy (i.e. purpose made for book odour), but some book manuals suggest a "stinky book box"; basically a box where you put stinky books for recovery.

In the box you can use, as you suggest, a shallow dish with baking soda; but apparently this often requires long destinking periods! Alternatively you can put an air freshener in there with the book i.e. a solid room air freshener. This will probably get rid of the smell within 24 hours. (Although it might smell even worse!) Either way don't let either (baking soda or air freshener) actually touch the book.

Well, that's what my book says --never tried myself. They'll destink themselves eventually, I reckon.