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Re: Daniel Grotta

Subject: Re: Daniel Grotta
by Khamûl on 2013/2/22 5:29:35

I'm curious as to why Grotta can't (this is then & now) just quote the text under "fair use" & be done with it. I haven't read his biography; but even at the time, his use of the Ace Books text was surely unnecessary? For a start the whole text is nearly (not bibliographically, I know) identical. And surely some of the text he quoted from the Ace edition would have been identical? i.e. indistinguishable from the authorised Ballantine or G&AU text.

That aside, why the (continued) surprise? Christopher has allowed Carpenter (regardless of who he is) access to private papers & wants an official biography. Grotta (again, regardless of whether Christopher knew him, liked him, disliked him, etc) approaches him (as Carpenter is writing his biography) asking if he can have access (to papers & the Tolkien family generally) & write a biography. Hardly surprising Christopher said no. Why would they want two biographies out at the same time?

I'm totally baffled by his stance.

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