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Re: International Shipping assistance network?

Subject: Re: International Shipping assistance network?
by Findegil on 2013/5/9 4:52:24

Such a "network" has existed for a long time between Tolkien collectors, on an individual basis. Indeed, we first got to know each other because we were on opposite sides of the Atlantic and wanted U.S. or U.K. editions respectively. In those days, there was no Amazon or Book Depository or the like, and paying in a foreign currency was elaborate and expensive, before the introduction of international credit management and PayPal.

We still have this kind of arrangement with several friends in Europe: we buy something for them, they buy something for us, as we choose, we keep track of "accounts", and we negotiate what seems mutually like a fair exchange. This is especially useful for obtaining Tolkien-related society publications which don't enter into the usual trade, or translations not found from online sources, and when we're concerned to get a first printing of a book or a copy in good condition, neither of which one can count on from Amazon et al., but which is sometimes possible when a friend can look at copies in a shop. We have also used friends in the U.K. as shipping addresses for U.K. eBay sellers who won't post to the U.S.A.

From our point of view, there is certainly room for a wider network, and we could see ourselves using it to some degree, while helping others in return.

Wayne & Christina
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