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Re: Children of Hurin movie discussion continues

Subject: Re: Children of Hurin movie discussion continues
by Elwë on 2007/4/26 17:00:25

I must say, that I think it is a shame Tolkien was ever in a situation where he had to sell the movie rights to any of his works. I'm not sure that movies should ever have been made, and I don't think he wanted that either. I would be lying if I said that I did not enjoy Peter Jackson's films, but I was perfectly happy with the books by themselves. This said, I would prefer that the first and second ages of middle earth be left alone. These stories (Silmarillion, etc.) are the 'legends' and traditions that are meant to color and enrich The Lord of the Rings, as if they have been passed down through the ages. I say, leave them to the imagination.
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